Monday, February 14, 2011

Kuris Reunion with Sir Randy

At last, Kuris Animators finally had a small reunion in the evening of January at Langford’s Place in Paseo de Archangel in Iloilo City. The reunion was inspired by Sir Randy Tolentino who came from South Korea where he is currently finishing his scholarship. He gathered his former students in 2D Animation in 2007 where he used to be one of our dynamic instructors. His energy and optimism for Ilonggo animators was felt by his former students. Kuris Animators who came to the little reunion was headed by Marx, Brynh, Bryan, Jaylord, Elson and its creative director, Ronelo. They were also joined by selected members of Dimbox, a group of animators from the first batch of trainees. They had the best time remembering the past and achievements as Kuris animators including the much-talked-about “The BEQUEST: Origin of Dinagyang” as the first Ilonggo-made 2D-3D mini-film shown at SM Cinema in January 2008. Whatever the future holds for these young and budding artists/animators, they still treasure the best times they have shared. Being part of something big and promising bunch of talents make them the bearer of Ilonggo legacy. Sir Randy might be coming back in Iloilo in the middle of 2011 and hopefully will start anew helping out Ilonggo animators who are all talented and promising in their own way.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

K’s Bomb

Brynh’s clips

The different faces and sides of Brynh de los Reyes, a founding member of Kuris Animation Unlimited and one of the group’s head animators showed his artistry in every video clips he made. He carries the screen name “manukahaw” in youtube and has already uploaded a lot of eccentric but creatively-done video clips. His passion shows how gifted and unique he is in everything he does. He was able to hone his animation skills from 2D and 3D. Presently, he manages their family business related to computers and graphic designs. His clients include politicians and private companies in Iloilo City. Recently,he was asked by Marx, another Kuris animator to assist him in a major advertising project that involves his expertise in animation. They constantly met with other members of Kuris.

2010 will be another promising year for Kuris Animators as they will once again merge their artistic gifts and passion for their craft to push through with a groundbreaking project. Though it’s not as big as everybody expected but they believe that their work will once again uplift the cultural pride of Ilonggos.

For now, just enjoy watching his experimental video clips…

Monday, March 15, 2010

Seeing 3D

itravel Philippines magazine’s first electronic billboard 3D advert was created by Kuris Animator Jay Lord Villalobos last September 2009. ABN Dreamworks Philippines, owner of the biggest electronic billboard in Cebu City located at Fuente Osmena Rotunda is the official media partner of itravel Philippines. The electronic billboard used the advert of itravel Philippines 4 spots per hour, 18 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Recently, Marx Ydroy Silva, Kuris Head animator and newly-appointed Creative and Graphics Editor of itravel Philippines created a second 3D advert for ABN Dreamworks and Skycable Iloilo. The first of two 3D advert was actually a trial version uploaded in youtube which was conceptualized by the magazine editors. Then, he finally made a final version that will be used as TV advert to further promote the magazine and the upcoming itravel Philippines on TV weekly show at Skycable starting this April 2010.

Crazy stuff

Our craziest music video ever made. We rock our little world with our dream and passion. We love music and we love to remember the best time we had together. We miss the friendship, the bonding, the adventure, the stories, and the great things we did together.

Thank you life, thank you fate for giving us mountains to climb. Thanks for the best time together, Kurisans. The dream has just begun…

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Worthy cause

Brynh’s artwork is featured in the How to Get to Iloilo City (bottom right) page of itravel Philippines Jan-Feb issue.

Something better is coming…

Whatever it takes, Kuris animators are doing their best to keep their bonding stronger and communicate with one another as often as possible। They don’t stop merging their artistic ideas and plan their next project either big or small। Recently, they have been involved in re-launching itravel Philippines and doing side projects though they have been busy with their personal lives. They shared their talent in creating 3D presentation for Camella Communities Annual Awards in Iloilo last month through Marx Ydroy Silva. He is presently the Creative and Graphics Editor of itravel Philippines. His latest 3D creation for the magazines’ new 3D advert for Skycable Iloilo and ABN Dreamworks electronic billboard in Cebu was done in collaboration with the magazines’ editors. Meanwhile, the rest of Kuris are working for solo projects but they meet often to share their time for a small group project that they plan to create soon. They will announce it here or can been seen in the pages of itravel Philippines future issues this year. For now, different Kuris animators/artists are being featured in the “How to get there” section of the magazine every issue. For the March-April issue, we will take a look at the artistic style of Marx Ydroy Silva and Aladin Lacsina back-to-back as the itravel Philippines once again covers two beautiful tourism destinations in the country. It is a rewarding feeling for them to take part in promoting local tourism and expressing their talents in a glossy magazine with a cause.

For now, we posted the “How to get there” page of itravel Philippines January-February issue featuring back-to-back covers of Iloilo City and Dinagyang Festival with Brynh de los Reye’s anime artwork.