Sunday, December 14, 2008

we do it better together


Sometimes it’s not easy to fit everything in one place। It’s not even easy to expect everything to go well। What we are is a proof that everything that started from friendship could unify our passion for arts। Way back then, we didn’t think how good it is to spend more time with people whom we share the same interest। Artists are considered deep thinkers, instinctive, creative and sometimes moody. They go with the flow yet create something new or great with their instinct to be creative.
When we first met as a group a year ago, we were checking each other’s artistry before heading to serious chat which started with “hi” and “hello”. Months later, we enjoy sharing our perspective in arts together. From that time on, we understood that we were more than a class of 2D animation trainees but a group of friends trying to show people that we can break a pencil…to them we can animate our own imagination.
Then there came our projects and plans. For the past two years, we realized a lot of those plans from TASI to The BEQUEST. A lot of people in Iloilo recognized what we can do and the goals we want to achieve for the arts community. We were even proud of our Ilonggo cultural heritage that we insisted to infuse it with our animated projects. But the only thing that wasn’t fulfilled is a good job that was promised to us after the training. We were waiting for nothing and they remained deaf with our request. But we’re getting over it by not letting the odds pull us back. We keep moving and searching on what’s best for us.
Sometimes, an artist’s life isn’t all about artistic expressions… we even deal with financial stability and survival amid the fact we enjoy doing our passion. All artists throughout history had been struggling with the same battle. But sometimes when we get tired, we tend to think about our group and the bond we shared. We know we can always get back and bring out the best in us if we get to share our arts again.
For now, we’re just a text away from each other while doing some of our personal endeavors. I know that fate will be kind to us in the coming months because we have big hope, tall plans and good perspective how to share our arts to the Ilonggos. It’s not our ability to animate that makes us special, it’s our sensitivity to recognize that each of us have their own specialty. We won’t be as good as before if we lost one of us. So, we stick to the plan and be patient for as long as we can.

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