Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sponsorship open for Dinagynag animated short film

Kuris and Ilonggohit Animators’ presents “The BEQUEST: Origin of Dinagyang”

After 40 years of highlighting the excellence of Ilonggo cultural heritage and mesmerizing the world, Dinagyang Festival will finally become larger than life with the making of its first animated short film about its cultural and historical origin through the promising talents of Kuris Animators.
The Second Batch of Ilonggo Animators that recently graduated at SM City Iloilo last October 19 were President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s scholars under its visionary Training for Work Scholarship Program implemented by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Region VI in partnership with Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST) and Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc (ACPI).
While waiting for the series of examinations to be given by ACPI after graduation, this dynamic group of animators aimed to use their artistic gifts to promote the cultural heritage and tourism potentials of Iloilo Province. Armed with passion and equipped with creative minds, they realize that Dinagyang Festival, refuted as the “Best festival and world-famous tourism attraction in the Philippines” should be retold about its glorious origin and given a new historical significance through animation.
In their quest to make this important project historically accurate and valid, they sought the help of Dinagyang Foundation’s active Director, Ben Jimena who willingly presented his well-researched and profoundly-written article entitled “Anachronism-The Barter, The Baptism and The Bequest”. The animators themselves were in inspired and gained a new sense of direction after with the origins story came in.
Through a series of hectic brainstorming and conference, the animators represented by Ronelo Ladiao and Diosdado Aguilar, Jr. with the assistance of their former animation instructor, Paul Pinuela they drafted the final concept story of the project based on Ben Jimena’s article. Aptly titled “The BEQUEST: Origin of Dinagyang”, the animator’s themselves planned the project with eagerness and divided the team that would replicate a real animation studio. Sharing the same dream and creative ideas, the night class from the first batch of Ilonggo animators renamed their group as “Ilonggohit” already have their own animation studio at Burgos St. La Paz, Iloilo City decided to merge their talents with them. Together, they work hand-in-hand in designing the main characters, conceptualized the animated scenes, established a strong marketing arm and innovate the project by combining 2D and 3D animation (though they were supposedly trained for 2D animation).
Upon realizing the cultural impact and historical significance of the project to the Ilonggo community, Western Visayas College of Science and Technology, their training center close to the animators’ hearts, TESDA-Iloilo with positive encouragement from the Dinagyang Foundation, Inc. and the region’s ultimate shopping landmark, SM City Iloilo expressed their outmost support as the project presentors.
This project symbolizes the cultural identity of the world-renowned Ilonggo festival and will correct the copycat-misconceptions of Dinagyang from another well-established festival, the Ati-atihan Festival of Aklan. In the story concept, Dinagyang is historically, religiously and culturally connected to the beginning of Ati-atihan through the legendary “Barter of Panay” and during the Christianization of Cebu through the holy child Jesus or Sto. Nino. The animated short film which has an initial duration of not more than 10 minutes will provide a clear reminisce of the glorious past, inspire more Ilonggos to be proud of their identity and its succeeding generations, strengthen the tourism and cultural appeal of the festival with the aspiration to become “larger than life”.
Likewise, the animators are excited to inject vigor, rhythm and energy replicating the modern face of Dinagyang Festival when it comes to synchronized street dancing in form of animation, something that tickles their imagination and challenge their artistic talents. Presently, they are dedicating most of their untapped potentials to bring out the best in each of them to weave a breakthrough animated short film that would surely leave a lasting mark in the Ilonggo history. For sure, the project will become a genuine testimony that Ilonggos are capable to shine in the expanding global animation industry and let the world know that they have real talents to show.
“The BEQUEST: Origin of Dinagyang” is slated for public pre-screening and viewing on the third week of January 2008 at SM City Iloilo for free wherein Dinagyang enthusiasts will have the chance to purchase must-have souvenir items and glimpse of other animated works done by the animators who were involve in the project.
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