Sunday, December 2, 2007

Who is Niňo?

Well, the name sounds like “Sto. Niňo” when Jesus Christ was a boy. It somehow you remind you of that cute little boy whom your religious grandma or mom taught you to offer your first little prayer before you sleep each night.
During the annual Dinagyang Festival every last Sunday of January, you used to see the image of this little boy raised by an Ati Warrior during the climax or at the end of their synchronized tribe performances, right? Truly, the image of Jesus Christ when he was a boy in the religious realm is miraculous and has change pagan civilizations into Christianity hundreds of years ago in the Philippines. We, the Ilonggos and our fellow Filipinos are offspring of that historical transition that has shaped our destiny as a people.
The holy child symbolizes innocence, undying hope, optimism and compassion to its believers. His presence every year makes Iloilo City’s cultural and tourism festivity truly lively, significant and spirited.
But in our modern world plagued by economic depression, poverty and other social ills that makes life harsh, Niňo walk the streets of Iloilo City with queries on how his humble life should be lived with a purpose and understand the meaning of life. He doesn’t bother to think who won the election a few months ago, dreaming to own an expensive toy or latest cellphone model, live in a comfy home or asking about why having lots of money makes life better. He only wants to see the beauty of the day as it touches the wet cold street wherein he will sleep in torn pages of newspapers tonight, fill his tummy with food to get over the day, see people smiling as they pass by or visit the church everyday to pray. His dreams are simple, his prayers has always been tireless and his sweet voice exudes compassion.
This is the story of Niňo who never gets tired walking in the streets of Iloilo looking for a piece of life and reason to go on. His simple journey will lead to the rediscovery of a forgotten historical and cultural legacy most Ilonggos missed to understand. He befriended Fr. Achilles of San Jose Church and met someone like him who has nothing to give much but only love.
Meet Niňo and his new friend in the First Animated Short Film of Iloilo City’s greatest cultural and tourism gem...prepare for the coming of “The BEQUEST: Origin of Dinagyang” this January at the region’s ultimate shopping and entertainment destination, SM City Iloilo.
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