Saturday, January 17, 2009

right time, right team


Life is sometimes a strange road. It leads us to a place we never expected or foreseen before. Along the way, we learned to face a lot of things. Either those that gave us lessons or those that keep us hang on. But above anything else, we were given friends to be with us along the way.
New Year had passed but we still appreciate the good things we achieved last year. For us, Kuris Animators, we did a lot of bonding and sharing to make our friendship work. Open communication and understanding of each other’s stance made us more connected with each other. The odds that challenged us and the little projects that came along the way were proof of our diligence to follow our passion.
For one, we would like to point out that our artistic effort in the past gave us the chance to work for some special projects in WVCST. The team’s most promising members were being honed and hired to pursue important projects related to graphic arts, educational development and social development. The group may not be complete since they are carefully chosen to join the project but most of the members are in. They can continue what we started before in the name of arts and animation. After months of doing the special project, they we able to expand their skills and familiarize with new innovation regarding our work. We can easily make some little 3D or 2D animation short clips that involves experimentation and artistic approach which is directly or indirectly involved in the project. We have so many plans but we choose to do a step at a time for now. Sometimes, we were surprise what we could really do amid our busy schedules.
On the hand, other group members of Kuris are pursuing their personal agendas with their lives like studies and work. But we are open for communication from each other so that we won’t lose the bonding. This blog is proof of that connection and effort of the group to continue our dreams. We know it’s not over yet and we will fulfill what we were destined for.
New Year means new frontier for us to conquer in our own little ways. Thank God Kuris is still on track with our dreams.
P.S.—this blog is still on, not yet dead for sure.

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