Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The BEQUEST: Passion turned historical and significant

Ilonggos can finally claim to have their own first-ever animated film through The BEQUEST: Origin of Dinagyang. The animated short film first shown at SM Cinema 7 last January 25, 2008, had another four-day film showing last February 26-29 at WVCST Educational Center (ED TECH). The film showing was a generous response of Kuris Animators, the group of Ilonggo animators who created it in their effort to uplift Ilonggo culture and artistry through animation.
From 10am to 5pm, the animated film is constantly repeated in a wide-screen multi media presentation inside the venue to cater groups of high school and college students coming from various schools and universities in Iloilo City who were invited by the animators. The Daily Guardian and RMN Radio once again promoted The BEQUEST as its official media partners prior the film showing date.
The biggest group of audience came from Iloilo National High School-School for the Arts with more than 150 viewers under the guidance of Mrs. Mendoza followed by students from Central Philippine University taking up history subject under Professor Nievales. In fact, CPU students were instructed by their professor to write a comprehensive reaction paper about the film as their final project. After every film showing, Kuris Animator's project representatives, Diosdado Aguilar, Jr. and Ronelo Ladiao talks about the secret behind the making of the film, the group's hardship and inspiration to createa breakthrough project (not to mention some students wanted to have a picture taking and autograph-signing with the animators).
With the overwhelming positive response of the audience about The BEQUEST, Kuris Animators knew they started a significant mark in Iloilo City. The film sure has educational and cultural essence that definitely came from their passion. (Ronelo Ladiao)

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