Thursday, June 26, 2008

All-text 20

Textus interuptus 1

My Lolo's crappy radio blur for a second while listening to an afternoon radio drama (was it "Condorilla"?, haha). I think there will be some text messages coming up in my cellphone knowing that mobile messaging interupts signal. Yeah right, there were lots of text from Kuris peeps. I jumped fast to the sofa and pushed the "OK" button of my phone to reveal messages... then everything went partly motionless... much like the Matrix slowmo-scenes (hehe)...I will reveal and would never hold back what the Kuris guys have texted me... this is textus interuptus edition post of this blog. you get raw thoughts straight from the Kurisans!

Textus interuptus phase one:

KENSHIN RACIL: Nong musta... ti mkakd2 kmo s pista nmon? miz u guyz (21/06/2008 7: 42pm)

MY THOUGHTS: How we wish we could be there for your fiesta Raz. But we will try. The group is getting busier but we didn't forget you, promise.

KADULOM MARX: Musta na Nel, amo ni gli globe ko nga number. (23/06/2008 5:45pm)

MY THOUGHTS: Now why does Marky suddenly switched to Globe? my wild guess: he has a new cellphone...was it N95? (and he's keeping his smart sim with the old phone) Oh well, this is what you'll gonna do when the special project paid well, hehe.

SLY LYNDON: Nel ti musta na budget prop mo sa wafletime Ok n? (24/06/2008 12:14pm)

MY THOUGHTS: It’s done but I need to edit it guys so that we can assure that we can start right away. A little patience is all we need, I swear.

SAMURAGI TATANG: OK lng nel a. Una lng kabudlay s project wla pa mn ko sweldo ky 2 weks p lng ko ya. makad2 k dri kron? (25/06/2008 10:37am)

MY THOUGHTS: That's great Tang. I wish you well and you won't fish for food in the coming months, hehe. We hope when the real group project comes in, we won't dissapoint each other.

BRAVO BRYAN: diri kmi day Marx nel gstay a. sige p kmi obra projek my kulang p kmi nhulat gni. (25/06/2008 1:25pm)

MY THOUGHTS: I wish you the best guys. you were great and don't forget I need your help for the coming projects. you're one of the important peeps for the task.

MORBID DYVRUM: Nel, musta? Busy gid. My projct mn ko b sbng. My ngpaubra dan sakn plan sng balay so my nlagas mn ko nga deadline sa client ko. (26/06/2008 2:55pm)

MY THOUGHTS: Oh yeah, Mr. Morbid is an architecture grad so it's quite clear he gets these kind of projects once in a while. I hope he would show up when the group project gets in.

ZYRA JANELYN: Ron...gudpm, my clas n kmi ya. Ngkitanay kmi gli dy Marx a. mayo gani my income n sla dy Tatang. (26/06/2008 3:02pm)

MY THOUGHTS: Yeah, they're getting better friend. We could only hope for the best for each of us. I need to buy load coz I can't you text guys, hehe!

Textus interuptus...end (for now)


Anonymous said...

wala load haw? funny

Anonymous said...

I can't understand some of the text...