Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reality TV on the blog


All words and pictures. Such a "not-so-art-related" blog since it is owned by a group of self-proclaimed Ilonggo somebody said. I wish he was right but I beg to disagree this time. This blog is our online diary that chronicles our life's journey as dreamers and unique souls. Read on how we define our life today by reformating the Kuris laptop. My laptop is the also the group's property since it has been there to help us fulfill our dreams in the past. Until now, even in its difficult times already, this useful thing has been vital in ensuring we can move mountains not only a few months ago but almost everything we do. We already to abused its healthy state during the making of Lapis trailer and The BEQUEST by installing some heavy 3D programs. A month before our Dinagyang short film was shown at SM, i pawned it in a nearby pawnshop just to cope up with our draining meal budget of the group. We can't survive the storm and the challenge if we don't lose it for a while. But I promise to myself that if we got the money, we will get you back again. 35 days after, we got you back through Janelyn's sacrifice. She borrowed money from her sister just to get hold of the poor thing again and let her take care of it. When I already got the money from my bro who was so generous, I instantly paid Janelyn. Now, here you are in my arms. A little bit stressed and drained from overwork but still helping us finish our task and fulfill our passion. You were like Marx's laptop that was always there to help us get through the day and impress our clients, friends and admirers during lectures or special request presentations of our animated projects. You were like us--drained, struggling, hoping, believing and trying to do your task you were programmed to do it. I think our passion and dream have already been programmed by fate to show us what to do with our gifts---inspiring other dreamers and the world around us. So if someone said this blog is so wordy, they should think again--it's about our life's journey and it's sentimental sometimes to chronicle every step of the way.
Today, I visited a generous man and his family who offered me a little part time job that would make use of my artistic talent. He was supposed to be contacted by the group a few months ago for some part time commission-based projects but I lost his number. Last weekend I found his number isomewhere in my old crappy bag and so I called him...Now I’m here hoping to pick up some sideline projects that could help the group. He houses an artist who was a member of another team that scattered due to lack of leadership or its leader move somewhere else. Familiar reader who knew us can eventually get the point of my riddle now.
Anyway, this lone artist is doing good so far and we remain good pals amid the team-rift in the past. As for my part, I was coping badly with the photoshop techniques I forgot when I focus in writing and marketing stuff away from my supposedly graphic-art-training. I'm back in the fold again, I guess. Meanwhile, the Kuris "special-project" boys (Marx, Bryan and Jaylord) are free from work load until Monday since their finished modules will be submitted by their project heads to their clients. Lyndon who celebrated his birthday last night with another birthday guy, Kyle visited Marx today. I think he's going to sleep in Marx' house tonight. Bryan and Jay are going home to take a break from the pressure. I never heard anything from Janelyn, Racil, Dads, Elson or Aladin but I guess they're all doing something with their lives. When the next project in school opens, probably the team will see each other and et busy again.
I got home tonight from my new sideline job bringing some exciting and surprising news. I think I'm going to get drooling with these thoughts: the new boss asked me to make hentai, hehe. Was it because my art porfolio folders shows some sexy superhero-looking girls? I scratched my head and laugh at myself silently. In the past, I told my self that I won't do this coz it's not my thing. But it seems my artworks are actually seductive for other people. Give me a break, I won't do it! But I guess, Marx and Lyndon would be the one who will do the task for me. I got their interest and confirmation when I called Marx in their landline phone. Marx's hands are itching to do these stuff (but who knows I might do some few pieces tonight, hehe). I remember the boss was telling me earlier that these stuff sells like hotcakes in the cyberrealm. Okay, I can't argue about the internet's moral standards anymore. The cyberzone is a democratic parallel world that plays god right under the nose of the outside world's laws or morality.

All the best words and pictures (music videos, downloaded movies and programs) are going to be erased. I have to write everything in the blanks CDs or it's gonna be forgotten for the rest of our lives, hehe. Well, the very reason that we are going to erase everything, the collective data I treasured most for the past few months including the lethal virus in my laptop is because we will reformat it. We need to clear the overloaded Kuris laptop so that Marx and Lyndon can work for the commission job I scrapped away. "Kanugon man sang kwarta kon mabato pa sa sobra ko kapisli sa project!", hehe. Okay, you win this time guys and I must say goodbye to my favortie stuff in my laptop. Let's do this together and start something useful to earn. After all, we are artists and art is boundless in its real sense. See you guys at exactly 11AM in Marx's house.

P.S. (again?): I wish we could post our Big-Brother-inspired article one of these days. We know that it's gonna be a mind-blowing story for those project mates who were evicted by the group after a heavy votation, hehe. I heard that we did the real thing---namedropped those who passed the test and those who we're emotionally evicted. Sometimes we don't want to be honest but that's reality TV tradtion, hehe.


Anonymous said...

nice thing... big brother really? who's evicted?

Anonymous said...

i want to know guys.

Anonymous said...

t diin na mga hentai mu puro atik a ga damgu kagd damu gasiling ya na mas nami ubra ko sa imu ya

Anonymous said...

yup..diin na ang output? hehe im also interested to see..

Anonymous said...

gna edit t mu akon posted comments nel haw atik kagd ya

Anonymous said...

hehe...kadesperado gid ya sa imo makita ang hentai nga obra namon haw? it's PG 13 here so its not good for young peeps reading the blogs. why? nami ka man magobra hentai haw? structure pa lang gani sang character mo looks awful na...don't bother to see it. we have no time to show it to such pathetic fool like you who happens to read other people's blog and comment negatively...why don't you make your own blog...sorry talentless ka gali that's why nobody reads you or check on you. we keep it within us...sorry. and yeah, I know who you are... you may be good in disguising but I know now. and I don't edit you imbecilic-written comments...if you want i can post it again as it is from the copy of our email. now, why would i keep explaining to such lousy fool like're a nuisance in this blog, hehe. get a life anay before you spill your beans. at least, we have an avid reader like freakin you. have a great day. die in slumber.