Monday, June 2, 2008

Old K-pal returns!

Kyle, Lyndon and Sir K having a good laugh at the Computer Dept. with some Kuris guys.
Stop and stare

I think we're getting better these days. Not that we are capable of acheiving all our aspirations and plans as a team of creative artists. But we realize that respecting each other is the best thing that could ever happen in a circle of friends. Yes, we are not perfect with everything. In fact, some of our plans are going down the drain and might be scrappped due reasons that we can't avoid. We somehow understood our limitations and weakness. But I still know that Kuris animators are keeping the faith. Along the road, we lose someone or something but we truly know that we will get something in return. Patience has always been part of our journey as struggling artists, animators and creative souls. Somewhere along the way, we know how to stop and stare for a while then figure out where we are going.
Today might be one of the best days in our journey because no matter how we try to avoid each other, fate has its own way to bring us back to where we should be. Lyndon was one of the most misunderstood trainee in the second batch of animators. He was often misjudged by people who don't understand what it feels like to be an artist who live his life only to express his soul and passion. But that's the way he is--brutally honest, expressive, less pretense and seriously funny most of the time. He came back today from Negros to meet us and join the special project team in WVCST Computer Department. With the impressive performance of Marx, Bryan and Jaylord, the project instructors and staff somehow realize that Kuris has some talent-factor that needs to be harnessed. We are grateful for Sir Karlo who has the final say of what we are capable of and how committed we are when it comes to passion. I'm glad that Lyndon will be joining the team with Kyle, Amado, Elson, Aladin and me to provide our artistic talent in making sure the project would have a big leap. Listening to Lyndon and his stories when he was away for the past few months is something admirable.Doing freelance art jobs and travelling to find himself again was an uplifting story to listen. At least the man is sincere to tell that he lived a simple and frugal life. We know that once being part of Kuris is something he couldn't find somewhere else.
Sir Rolly, the project head somehow knew that we will be doing good for their endeavor. Furthermore, before our sensible converstation ended, he asked me to submit a one page testimony how animation changed my life and what good it did to me. So, I instantly suggested that we already have those kinds of stuff here in our blog. I've been writing about us and everybody in this blog to prepare the team for a much wider challenge in the future. I know for sure that there will come a day that my wordy, overdramatic posts (according to nega peeps) will have its vital use to tell our stories with more realistic approach. Yeah, I heard he's going to submit our stories to TESDA and GMA (I just can't figure out if he was referring to Pres. Gloria or GMA network, hehe) after he gave me his email. It's up for him to choose which story deserves to be given attention.
Earlier, we met in school at around 11am, Marx and Lyndon just had their little chit-chat whe they saw me. After talking to Sir Karlo who instructed us to come back in the afternoon to meet Sir Jun who will put our name in the list of graphic artists that will join the project, we decided to go to Marymart Mall. Lyndon is going to meet with his old pal who has a gothic shop at the third of the mall. Wow, the place totally rocks. I mean, we saw lots of cryptic and gothic stuff from tattoo designs to macabre artworks (after all the shop is named Macabre). Later, we go to San Agustin to help Marx impress his beloved GF who asked his assistance in processing the dropping and widrawal form because she wants to transfer to CPU. Well, talking about love stuff, I think it's something I refuse to define.
Since we didn't get lucky to fulfill what we came for in San Agustin, we decided to go back to WVCST hoping we could catch up for the meeting with Sir Karlo and Sir Jun. We waited for Amado and Kyle at Grecels before going inside the school. Gosh, Lyndon was persistent to buy me a bottle of Redhorse, the same with Kyle and Amado who were late. Well, it's another one-bottle drinking session first before going to the meeting (just another Lyndon's way of taking easy with life). The meeting went fine and we are assured that our project heads will not regret in getting us for the task. But before we leave, I showed Sir Karlo what our blog looks like in his laptop connected to the internet. He was amazed it was indeed true that this little blog in cyberspace picks up good readership and comments (and bad ones as well, hehe). I think the good start of our blog convinced him to make his own blog that evening (I taught him how to do it). So, Mr. Sira has his own official blog now linked to our own.
But the best surprise before we bid bye-bye to each other was when Lyndon and Kyle announced that it's their birthday today. So that's the reason they invited us for another round of drinking session at Kyle's house. Well, sorry guys maybe later coz' I've got lots of stuff to do for our blog. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY guys! You deserve to be happy and earned our respect for having admirable talents.

Postscript (not again!): I have to tell you "T" that this is not another manufactured story in the blog. None of any older posts are manufactured. Everything is genuine. We write our heart in every post, period. And yeah, I like the way you play "cat-n-mice". Sir K was right, I have take it easy on you and the rest of nega peeps. My premonition is quite clear and vivid even via SMS. I might have Jean's TK tickling inside my head for real. Enjoy the day without backlash coz' after all you've been civil even with your comouflage charade.Let's be realistic: you still love to read us even if you don't want to, hehe!

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