Friday, August 1, 2008

“K” up your life

Kuris girls Nenette and Carmen

My inspiration to draw girls…Micheal Turner’s Fathom cover

A candid shot with Racil during her recent visit to us

Zyra poster

Mei-zi poster by Roselyn

Janelyn, the lovely diwata Zyra

Tough gal Rodel

sassy girl Roselyn

Girls wanna have fun… Janelyn and Racil, 2geder!


Everybody wants a girlfriend. The K-guys are natural-born girl charmers, hehe. Yeah, I guess it’s true. Marx, Bryan and Jay are sweet guys not because they tried but in reality they do love have lots of girl friends to hang out with (not just in romantic ways but best of friends). Fact is, each one of them have real-life romantic girlfriends right now whose candid camera shots were used as their cellphone’s wallpaper. They’re sweet guys who have big talents to mesmerize their ladies with impressive flair for arts and animation. I remember it too well---Marx used to ask me how to draw beautiful western animation girls. He wants to learn my style to draw smooth-flowing hair, luscious red lips, sexy bodies and nice eyes. Not to boost too much, but I am so good in drawing comicbook type of girls. Thanks to my influence of the X-men comicbooks and inspiration from artists like Jim Lee or Michael Turner (they are the best there is in American comicdom). So I revealed some of my secrets on how to draw sexually-appealing girls and he enjoyed it so much. Now, he can draw better-looking girls with his own artistic style. Marx also reads a lot of how-to-draw books and visit websites with these stuff to enhance his style. Bryan is also another good artist when it comes to drawing girls. He has his own style and I think it’s more of a combination of realistic anime with bits of western. No doubt he’s phenomenal with his gift that if would be given attention; he can compete well with some of today’s best artists. Menawhile, Lyndon draws serious-type of women (with charged-up sexual poses, hehe). Elson, the K-guy who designed TASI draws lean anime type of girls, Brynh also has flair for manga-looking girls, Tatang and Jaylord draws various style of animated girls.

Let’s talk about our talented Kuris girlfriends. They rock the team with their passion for arts. Janelyn, the creator of “Zyra”, an original Kuris character who is a “diwata” (fairy) princess is heavily influenced with Japanese anime style. She has a bubbly persona and big heart. Racil’s passion for animation helped her in creating her own K-character called “Kenshin”, a beautiful teenage spy who loves adventures and solving mysteries. On the other hand, Carmen created “Rave”, a young wizard boy who struggles to control his gift in wizardry just like Harry Potter. We also love the South-Park-art-style of Rodel (she’s a girl but with a boy’s name, hehe). She created her own Kuris “comickish” character “Lucky Chan”, who brings a lot of disaster around him with his dog Puppy Chu (call it her version of Dennis The Menace, hehe). Likewise, Jee Ann created “Phoenix Element”, an anime-influenced character who wields a mystical necklace that can unlock her hidden infinite power inside her soul. Nenette and Roselyn (created Cartoon-Network-styled “Mei-zi”) are also two other girls that created original Kuris characters. They both exude confidence and originality in their character designs.

These girls are truly talented by heart and soul. They love being an animator and express themselves with every artwork. In the coming projects, they will contribute much of their effort and talents to bring the team to the next level. Their sense of loyalty and friendly personalities would make the day of every K-guys perfect.

Anyway, the lovely Racil recently visited us from Aklan, where she resides. She needs to stay home for a while to take care some family matters. But she promised to visit us when from time to time. On her text messages, she often tells us how she missed the group and the best times we’ve been together. She was tough and strong like the rest of us. But behind her sweet smile lies a beautiful heart of a girl willing to take risk and make sure her friends are okay. I am very close to her and the rest of the K-guys.

Well, our day was perfect and filled with so much sunshine when she visited us. We had a little roadtrip again in the city, a dinner at home and a little chit-chat about the direction of the group. She even asked to get another DVD copy of our past Kuris projects. Her family and friends in Aklan wants to see our works, our best works sowed with optimism and friendship.

We love our Kuris girl friends so much. They mean everything to the passion and dreams of our team.

Girl power!

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