Tuesday, September 16, 2008

operation zero tolerance


Transmission log # 1: 3 things we could say right now

* we’ll try refraining in posting daily-diary-like stuff coz some people maliciously thought we’re acting boastful since we have several projects going on (are we referring to the special project?, maybe yes, maybe not).

* we slow down in infiltrating the cyberspace especially youtube with our clips/videos/stuff, friendster and several other press releases (again they thought we’re acting/pretending overdoing ourselves).

* we try to lessen our exposure in the local media with the stuff that we’re doing especially The BEQUEST and the LAPIS thing (some people are getting sick about it when they were forgotten in the Ilonggo vocabulary).

Transmission log # 2: 3 lines we refuse to accept

* Kuris creates crappy stuff

* Kuris are overdoing themselves

* Kuris are all “Kuris-kuris”

Transmission log # 3: 3 thoughts that keeps us moving and going better

* The Kuris special project guys are getting better amid the tough obstacles and challenge they face to complete the special project… they earn their own money and merit without infiltrating some bigwigs heads with falsified tales.

* We consider every mistake and flaw as opportunity to learn from the best teacher life could give us---experience.

* We are thankful that critics and haters read this blog fanatically, they feed us the confidence we need to believe that we are indeed doing great with our passion (come on drop us another constructive comments or anything else… free speech is the thing, hehe)

Transmission log end

1 comment:

mon said...

don't let a few negative comments stop you guys from doing what you love. there's nothing to gain by listening to people with crab mentality.

you need to get the information out, people need to know original pinoy animation and animators exist!
keep updating, but most important of all, keep animating! :)