Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sumptuous break

It’s time to go home after a whole week of pressure and a sumptuous meal.

Sir Naci enjoys texting before the meal.

“Excuse me, I’ll order Coke,” Marx says while the rest enjoyed chatting with Sir Naci.

Jay and Marx keeping it cool while the meal is not yet served

Kuris guys waiting for a scrumptious lunch with Sir Naci at Pecho Pak. I guess everybody looks excited to savor the meal, hehe!


It's Sunday again. The group is extremely exhausted from the pressure they have gone through for the past few days. The newcomers in the special project--Lyndon and me are going through a lot of taught times. I personally told the Kuris guys that I am grateful for their patience and my persistence to master the photoshop. I know that is the basic skill we need to learn just to make it good in our assigned tasks. So when the deadline came by Saturday evening, we knew that we have to do our best so that we can relax the following day. Earlier that day, some project heads made fun of someone's brief being left behind in one corner of the room. Nobody would want to claim it because it would be embarrassing but still at the end of the day someone really claimed it was his brief, hehe. What can we do about it but laugh our heart out. After all, it was fun being part of a project team with various personalities and attitudes.

This morning, we woke up pass 10am. Our project heads will bring our outputs in Manila to submit it for approval from the clients. The rest of us should take a break. But before we left, Sir Naci invited us for his little treat-- a sumptuous lunch at Pecho Pak, a nearby resto outside the school. Well, who would not accept a generous offer from a kind project head and a good fellow. For the past few days since we started joining the project (Sir Naci, Lyndon and me composed the added new team in the project this week), he was so kind to us that he offered to shoulder all our lunch and dinner expenses. Not only that, the rest of the group Marx, Tatang, Bryan, Jay, Elson and Remi (another graphic artist who joined a month earlier) were part of his treat.

We were so amazed how good and kind this teacher to us who taught Math subjects in WVCST by day and spent time making brilliant module with us. I personally admire his optimism and generosity to everybody. In fact, he was a great achiever himself by graduating as Cum Laude and a born student leader during his college years. He reminds me of Sir Kaloy who was also a brilliant teacher, a true motivator and a Cum Laude as well in college. Very honestly, I must say that both of these teachers don’t have air in their heads. Unlike other people whom I knew taking up masteral are so overblown with ego and boastful attitude. I think real witty and talented people don’t have to blow their trumpets and let other people discover what they are truly made of.

Well, going back to the Sir Naci's treat, our day was so perfect that he ordered us two big bowls of fish sinigang, one whole chicken and two litro of Coke. Of course, exhausted and stressed, the Kuris guys along with Remi, we savor a good meal and enjoyed it so much. We talk a lot about life and how each of us deals with it. I love the concept that each of us has their own story to tell. Much to our admiration, Sir Naci has his own interesting story to tell like how he used to love watching movies every weekend when he was in college, his dreams in life and his optimism to wait for the right time to settle down. Lyndon, as usual is very open to us with his life and the hard times he had gone through. But what I like about him is his persistence to take life so easily and never let his misery pull him down. We all need that strength sometimes to get through the bad day.

When the clock strikes 1pm, it's time for us to go home. We all have our own directions to go. The rest of the Kuris guys are heading for Marx house to take a rest. Yes, Lyndon is fond of calling Marx's house as the Kurisan's Big Brother home. When we are there, everything is chaotic but full of funny moments. Promise, we will talk about our old and new Big Brother houses. These places make us Kuris Animators by heart and soul-- the best time we spent together is in our Big Brother houses. For now, we need a break. Monday is another work day and the rest of the week.

Postscript: Kuris Talk will resume in the coming weeks with new interviews from Carmz, Lyndon and Bebs. And guess who will be the first Kuris peep to get featured in "Kuris Art" (it might be Kyle or Marx…dont' know yet). And yes, we will give you updates on our preparation for LAPIS: Quest of the lost key and The BEQUEST extended version soon.

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