Thursday, May 29, 2008

Animated summer

Kuris event: Summer Bud’s Search 2008
We dare to innovate. We dare to break the barriers of the usual. We dare to create events that wasn't been done yet. But we make sure it exudes our true potential and artistic visions as pioneering Ilonggo animators with relevant perspective. Every endeavor, every project has its own definition of how we scratch up our artistic statement as true-blooded Ilonggo animators.
Sharing the same maverick vision with Kuris is the collective effort of DreamTeam production composed of in-demand event organizer, Richard Abadiano; uprising choreographer, Angelbert Diocena and Kuris' very own creative director, Ronelo Ladiao. Together, they weaved the unique concept of a different-flavored event entitled—“Summer Bud's Search 2008 featuring version acoustic band and animated visuals by kuris animation unlimited”. Earlier conceptualized in the last week of February and scheduled to happen on the evening of May 22 this year at Bo. Obrero Public Plaza, it was considered by the team as an experimental summer event that fused the concept of modelling search, acoustic music and Ilonggo-styled animated visuals. With an expected media attention given to the event through GMA-TV 6 and Campus Radio FM, various sponsors in the city expressed interest to support the show including TOYOTA Iloilo, PETRON, PILIPINAS SHELL, Amigo Terrace Hotel, UNILEVER and many other generous companies and individuals who put their trust to the organizers.
Supposedly, the event was a groundbreaking summer affair of Bo. Obrero but the organizers decided to create something new, innovative and would leave unique impact. Thus, DreamTeam Production was able to gather impressive talents that are truly 'Baryohanons' such as Version acoustic band and Kuris Animation Unlimited since two of its founding members came from Bo. Obrero (Brynh de los Reyes and Ronelo Ladiao). The event also highlighted a modelling competition of six charming female and six gorgeous male models. At the end of the show, two lucky models were declared as Summer Bud's Search 2008 male and female winners that received cash prizes and gift certificates from major sponsors. Marthy, a 22-year-old registered nurse, call center agent and uprising model and Gladys, a 17-year-old college student and hopeful media personality were declared winners of the comeptition.
Prior the exciting event and a month before the show, Mayor Jerry Trenas and the community officials decided to make a major facelift and renovation of the public plaza. For their part, Kuris Animators we're given a new artistic outlet to once again showcase their versatility and talents in creating stunning animated visuals for the event. Marx Ydroy Silva assisted by Bryan Jandonero rendered a 10-second 3D animated logo of the event. Meanwhile, Ronelo Ladiao weaved a unique animated intro and rendered most of the series of pictorial visuals all throughout the show. As an experimental event, DreamTeam Production decided to make the one-night show free for all audience to watch hoping to attract media attention and gain favorable impressions. Luckily, they gained more than what they hoped for. After the event and succeeding days, various companies and individuals have expressed interest to tap the whole production team including the well-appreciated animated visuals of Kuris Animators. Expect them to hold more events in bigger mall venues, hotels, concerts and parties. But for the pioneering and versatile group of Ilonggo animators, this event has given them a piece of exposure to their true potential and what they are capable of. The event opened a new door for better opportunities and stand firm in the concept of going beyond their “unlimited” creative boundaries. Next time, expect new innovations from these maverick artists who wanted to express and inspire.

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