Thursday, May 15, 2008

Next Groove!

Black 2 Back artwork from Hex...matrix style!
One, two, Brynh is goofy, Marx is serious and Elson is cool.

Four Kuris at the barnyard (after party effect)

Back 2 Back with Hex and Zyra

Chilling out with Jay and Marx... Kuris "specialproject" boys

Back 2 Black

No, we paid our electric bill. It doesn’t mean that if our new music video is made up of mostly black and shady effects, people whom we knew in the past who keep campaigning negatively about us are always certain with their judgements. We tried to be friendly and sincere that we’re not yet rich enough to pay the bill (a few months ago) they claimed to be unpaid. We play the game of life fair and square, honest and sincere, open and transparent. But if they are creating black propagandas about us by sending discouraging comments in this blog, then check your heartbeat now. It beats faster and rapid because you might feel upset upon reading this, hehe. Don’t exagerate the debt you claim to be skyrocked, it won’t make you poor emotionally. Funny, this is just a joke. And you read it seriously.
Anyway, we’re serious now. Kuris Animators had a fun week by meeting up at the fiesta in Janelyn’s house at Oton, Iloilo last Tuesday, May 13. A few days before that meeting, she was rampaging our cellphones with her text to visit them on their fiesta. Well, once a Kuris always a Kuris, I should say. Nobody can refuse this bubbly gal. In the afternoon of May 13, Sir Karlo and the rest of the special project Kuris boys are there already (Jaylord and Marx minus Bryan). Elson catch up with them at around 5:30 pm. Brynh and I, met in the city at around 6pm and headed straight to Janelyn’s place. When we arrive there, the funny mentor of the team, Sir K, was already satisfied with his meal. So we catch up with the meal marathon. Two plates of various “handa” (menudo, valenciana, salad, etc.) solved Brynh’s hunger problem. Poor guy, he’s very punctual with his class schedule in 2D AutoCad at Informatics. So the chatting goes on and on until Sir K decided to bid goodbye since its getting late in the evening. Janelyn and the rest of us headed to their sala to gulp some beer. Yeah, we drink occasionally or should I say for party reasons. Anyway, after a brief picture taking and watching of our new creeeeepy music video that we lately posted at, Marx and Brynh call it go-home-time (I thought we’re going to stay for a whole night). The extremly jealous Racil who can’t be with us since she’s at home in Aklan texted us about how’s the party going. Yeah, girl it was great. Lucky I saved some pics for you here at the blog. She texted us--- Ahay a, tani upod ta dira. Next time, next time…OK, I texted back.
By the way, before we bid bye bye today, I think It’s nice to tell you all guys that we really appreciate those who send cool messages about us and to some haters (we luv your style to put us back on track). In a few weeks time, we will post new and fresh interviews for the Phase Three of Kuris Talk and welcome a new segment (sort of)…its gonna be “Kuris Art” wherein each of us will be sharing some of our most secreted and well-guarded artworks to be posted here with some insights from the animator/artists. The blog is so “linkable” now to some of our friendster blogs/ accounts,youtube and yes, some juicy connection to various websites that featured our beloved BEQUEST animated project. Try to click one at the left side of this blog.

You’ll see what I mean.

So what’s the fuss with the new creeeepy, daaarkly and shhhhhady music video of the group? Just click the link below and you’ll see what we are blabbing about. JT and Timbaland, your collaboration is doing good for us (and for our friendship). We’re lowbatt now—lights off!

Click now below!

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