Saturday, May 24, 2008

Take it easy will you?

Weekend Break: La Paz fiesta, Step Up 2

Give us a break-- this is the only thing that pops in my mind after a gruelling week of escapade and pressure. I was juggling between our Lapis script finalization and the Summer Buds Search 2008 animated presentation. The Kuris special project--- Bryan , Jay and Marx were catching up with their deadline. Elson is doing his best to finish almost half of the Lapis storyboard. Dads never got a break from his other part time job in Villa. Brynh was schooling again and taking up two subjects needed for his flight abroad two months from now for Dubai. He's gonna be a big animator there with the help of his dad and we are so proud of this guy, very much. Janelyn is at home and texting us to stay cool. Racil, our "it" girl is at home also in Aklan having fun with he Summer Bud's search was an invading success. yes, we Kuris animators we're truly appreciated by the Bo. Obrero peeps and saw our two animated trailers of Lapis and BEQUEST. I will post the concluding article soon so check it out here.

8: 15, May 24, Saturday morning, I just got home fr0m Bacolod from a speaking engagement and presentation of Kuris animators in one artist gathering there. Sir K texted me---"Nel, ang projector needed ko, ASAP". So without a second thought, I change clothes and hurriedly return it in school. Elson texted me---"Nel, tapos na ang Lapis storyboard ko...kitanay ta school, pls. text back". "Sure", I replied. He was at Gracel's having smoke anf waiitng for me when I arrived a little bit tired. But when I saw his storyboard, it blew me away. the kid has talent and I must say he's someone to watch out for, hehe. After a little chat we decided to visit Marx home just a few walk from the school. He was waiting for us when we got there. Since it's La Paz fiesta that day (which I forgot anyway), we decided to eat some of their little "handa" prepared for us. The laugh and teasing was present during our eating session and yes, I told them about the latest comments in this blog. They were reading those nasty comments as well. We have no other response but laugh and take it lightly because it doesn't affect our aspiration and dreams. What can those ugly, discouraging comments can totally do to us? ---one thing for sure, it makes us stronger and more determined to blow the detractors apart with our new plans , gigs and events soon that would rock this little city of Iloilo. We mean it and they have to wait for everything, period. If we are going to send our animated works for ACPI, we already had a fix thinking that we won't win and media exposure/promotion for our team is all that matters. If we lose, fine and if we win, God has a reason for that fate. So they better watch out our new animated Kuris logo to change the old will be big with another fusion of 2D and 3D. The storyboard is done already.

Few hours later, we decided to head back to Grecel's where we used to hang out and unwind. Elson bought a bottle of coke while Marx once again have fun with my cellphone camera. As for me, we I borrowed some coins from Elson to play the piso-piso arcade games like Marvel vs. Capcom and King of Fighters. I remember my younger years when I was hooked in arcade games, I always try to be on top of the game with other players and prove that the female characters like Rogue, Storm or Cammy can give them a run for their tokens in the mall. But that was a fewq years ago. It was a nice recall of what I used to love those days. Elson challenge me and I let him win by playing lousy, hehe. Marx said--"gapapirde-pirde lang na si Ronelo pero kon tuod-tuoron ya tapos ka gid, hehe". So I just laugh and let Elson win that day... I'm so done with arcade games.

"Hey, where'sa Bryan and Jaylord", I asked Marx. "They are having their vacation in Boracay together with their project heads in the special project...but I choose to stay home", he cheerfully said. They will resume work on Monday after the vacation and continue the second module of the project. great, these Kuris guys are on thier way to the top. I know, we just take it easy and remain patient until we finally see the brighter day for Ilonggo animators.

Interlude: We watched "Step Up 2: the streets" last night. it's a touching and maverick dance movie. It reminds us of our old Kuris days. I will write a great article about it soon. Check it out in the next few days. keep your comments pouring friends and yes, our dearest detractors... you are all the best reminders of our greatness, hehe!

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