Saturday, May 24, 2008

fair and aquare

Marx and Elson, enjoying a sip of Coke at Grecel's.
Nice screen shot Marx... get ready Elson you'll gonna beat me again...hehe, I'm a loser this time again!

Morrigan and Hulk, great combination against Elson who uses Capt. Commando and Spidey, hehe!

Weekend break

After a whole week of gruelling pressure and responsibilities, we are taking everything so easy and one step at a time. The Kuris "specialproject" guys--Bryan, Marx and Jaylord are catching up with their deadlines. Amado and Dads can't find time to have a break from their part time jobs. Janelyn and Racil are all at the comfort of their homes texting us to be always cool. Elson is doing almost half of the Lapis storyboard. I was busy doing both the finalization of Lapis script and the stunning presentation for Summer Bud's Search 2008 scheduled on May 22. On top of everything, we were contented with what we achieve personally and share all the good times we had in life.

May 24, saturday morning, 8:30 AM, Sir K was texting me to return the projector I borrowed. I just arrived from Bacolod to attend a gathering of artists there and presented our animated works. I hurriedly go the school and returned the projector. Minutes later, Elson was texting me--"Nel, tapos ko na ang storyboard ka Lapis, wer k na?". "Ok ara na"--I texted back. I was astonished by his artistic style in making the storyboard of Lapis. I knew this guy has so much potential even way back those days when he created the design for TASI.

After a short chat, we decided to meet Marx in their home. Since it is the annual fiesta of La Paz that day, the three of us shared their little "handa" for us. We shared a meal full of talk and fun. We talk about the positive and bad comments we got in this blog lately. But the truth is, we are not bothered becuase I told them that we are now picking up readership and attention. If the bad comments keep pouring...the positive comments are pouring like rain as well. So there are lots of people in this city who believe and appreciate what we do. Take for example our latest participation in Summer Bud's Search 2008, the peeps in Bo. Obrero got blown away by our simple 3D animation and loved our Lapis or Bequest trailers. I will write a great concluding article about it soon. Just check it out here, OK.

After a few hours, we decided to unwind at Grecel's just a few blocks from Marx's house. Elson bought a bottle of coke for us to share. Marx had fun again taking pics from my cellphone camera and me...well i can't resist to play the "piso-piso" arcade games beside us. As usual, I recall my younger days when I got hooked with this kind of game. I was always on top of the game even if the characters I bring are all-female heroes like Rogue, Storm or Cammy. My competitors are always having a rough time breaking my fighting techniques. But that was in the past and it feels good to look back with a smile in my face. Elson challenged me and I decided to let him win, hehe. Marx suddenly said---"gapapirde-pirde lang na si Ronelo pero kon tuod-tuoron ya tapos ka gid, hehe". But I just give in and let Elson win. It's just a game and sometimes we just let the odds overtake us. The best thing about it is to play the game fair and square.

So commentators in this blog keep your postive and even the negative thoughts pour in. You make us stronger and better every time you make us smile with your blazing thoughts. "By the way, where's Bryan and Jaylord?", I asked Marx. "They're in Bora for a short vacation with their project heads, by Monday, they will be back to resume work", he said. "But why didn't you go with them?", I asked again. "I just want to rest, that's all", he laugh candidly.

That evening, we watched "Step Up 2: The Streets" on my lapotop. It was one of the best maverick films this year, I must say. It's another dance-themed movie with great story twist, dance performances and essense. It reminds us of our bonding and how we survived the torments of fate. Promise, I'll write a good article about it here in our blog and my personal my blog ( few days from now.


Anonymous said...

Mayo paboara bora lang day Bryan ba...hehe

Anonymous said...

Kuris, you are so busy these days. i want to tie-up with you in the future for events just email you if I have the time.


Anonymous said...

Jigs here. just want to say that you deserve the attention you get. your work are fine & if others don't agree, let them be.

be serious with your work. believe in God and be nice to everybody.


Kuris Animation Unlimited, Inc. said...

This is our online diary so please bad commentators don't stop us or critisize everyhting we post coz this is what we love to say and you better start your own blog. we are very sorry if we are given attention and express everyhting here...this is our place and diary.

nobody dictates someone what to write for his diary.

and if you are still bothered and can't help saying bad things...go ahead. we are still pleased that our junk thoughts does leave impact in ur brains.

i bet it's already your habit to check everyday our new post and leave comments. that is way too cool for us.

promise! we are giving you more stuff to read.


Anonymous said...

Did I hit the main vein again? ...ouch, sorry. I guess that's what life is all about.
Somebody expressed his sentiments that "I"..The "me" creature said that I was unleashing again negative things about their past concert event...what event? ok, I bet six months ago...I see. Sorry to tell you bad commentators that I really don't have the right to create judgements in your event. if you think u had major flaws and was your own risk and I have nothing to do with it. you see, you cant stop people from saying things or comment when it is a public event...they cannot be stopped to comment when it is a public event and considered public issue. The thing about It is I don't want to pretend to be innocent...I have no right to comment and if stories move around about your past flaws... are u George Bush to stop/control the stories running around just like he did with the Iraq thing? Hello, use you big brains I suppose. I will not stop defending myself or our group if it's needed to prove we are innocent. Sure, I would sincerely admit that r past event does have flaws as well and its not perfect. The problem with self-hollering 3D wannabe or u sour-grapping back-outer is you act worse than drag and blame your crap to other people. we all have the right to create theroies and hypothesis. I myself is guilty of it, I won't spare myself. But at least I admit i'm not perfect.
so please If your event isn't that good don't blame the public...let them be...and do ur best next time. flaws should be taken postively just like we did in the past. Regrets are for fools coz u have are sane enough to know that reality exist. and flaws is part of reality... now if u keep your false theories about me...go ahead, draft your stories very well. I'm happy for your persistence.


Anonymous said...

wow, I saw your event and it was good start. I heard from Gel that it was just an experimental event and will be improved when the big bookings comes in?

anyway, good entertainment. diretso tanan wala paligoy-ligoy nga palagwaon.

Bo. Pimpz

Kuris Animation Unlimited, Inc. said...

Thank you for your good comment. It was indeed experimental for us. we want to create new impression, new style sang event that people haven't seen before. and I heard from the dreamteam head that there are coming up bookings from big hotels by july and a big big mall cinema event on december. of course, we kuris animators will be part of it and would love to create flashy presentations. we open our dorr to a more effective changes, innovations. But I ma most exicited for an ecology-benefit nand concert that would take place in the main city. ala Live Earth for ecology sake yata.
we want to break the barriers of the common...tamaran kami mang-ilog style. we want it our own way kag makaincome gamay a.

thanks gid readers.

Anonymous said...

see u n ur next event. good job diri sa amon lugar

Anonymous said...

it's worth the wait. free pa with many surprises. Cap. Butch is very happy with your effort.