Monday, May 5, 2008

Kuris Summer Interlude 3

get ready action! where's Jet's Jacky...did Bruce Lee kick your face?
Mermaids, you forgot your seashell bras...hahahaha. Lucky these two girls brought their own.
What does Donkey Kong doing in this shot with Tatang and Jay?
Two Kuris gals on the loose...beware of their tempting smile...they can be addictive to watch together, hehe.
Where's Dyesebel among these statues?
Dyvrum--miss u sis!, Racil--I felt like ur baby pre!
Boys, boys...I hope that's not scandalous, hehe.
Bravo's writings in the sand...isn't this supposed to be sandcastles?
Kenshin's writings on the wood... isn't this a lovely vandalism?


It was 6:30pm already. Marx left for home because he’s not feeling well while Bryan texted—apas ko nel wait nyo ari pako sa UP sbng. It was about to rain at Plaza Molo while waiting for the rest of them who promised to catch up for the Oton trip. Suddenly, Racil saw Dyvrum, our long lost member who was so busy with his life. It was instant hugging session for both of them. Bryan arrived looking tired. Then we decided to go straight to Rvierside Beach even if the rain was pouring hard. When we arrive at the beach, it was already 7pm and Janelyn texted—bakal na kmo da uling kg kwa n kmo cottage ky pra pagabot ko masugba nlng ta isda ok. An hour later, she arrive carrying a big box of rice and another box of fresh fishes. Jaylord and Janelyn decided to cook the fishes. Even if we don’t have spoons and plates, we decided to do it the Mang Inasal way—“kamotanay kaon eh”, hehe. When our tummy was full, we decided to watch “Stardust” again in my laptop which was interrupted earlier at Sir Kaloy’s place. After the gang was fascinated by the film, the planning and sort of brainstorming session concluded…”what should we accept, this or that project? I can’t decide it on my own since we lack resources but we can choose the best one and focus our attention in it”, I said. After Bryan gave his opinion, which I rely, half of my decision since he has control of the creative and technical aspects of our projects, I realize we have the right choice already. Though the cold, hard rain took its strong blow that night, we had a good night sleep and rest for tomorrow.

Early in the morning, Bryan and Tatang decided to have a little walk in the beach. A few minutes later we were talking already to swim. So after tons of picture taking, the rest of us dip our bodies in the cold sea to have fun. As usual, the Kurisans are naughty and loved the thrill of the swimming. Tatang swims like a big fish while Racil seemed like a lousy mermaid who doesn’t want to move. Before we had our breakfast prepared and cooked by Jaylord, Bryan made a huge lettering of Kuris in the sand. I was so impressed and realized that indeed our bonding is strong. Though we wrote everything we dream in the sand, we will do our best now that everything will not be easily wash away by the waves of the sea... including our hope and our dream to prove ourselves better. Whatever we have, we cherish and whatever we do, we do it with passion. So it was a perfect moment to have one last picture taking with the Kuris lettering in the sand.

As we head towards home while riding a jeepney, the rest of us were laughing and teasing. Janelyn texted me before she left—uplod mo s frenster pics ta ha. I texted back—ok a!


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Can you draw for me? I want to see more drawings soon here insted of pics.

summer n summer tlaga